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hi, welcome to my blog! here is where i write about junk and throw them out for the world to see.

🙋 who am i?

call me Ivy, at least that's what everyone refers to me as. it's Michael, but Ivy should be just fine. i'm a junior high student following the IGCSE curriculum in Indonesia, which is probably why my wallet has a hole in it.

🍵 where's my cuppa?

since you're here, you may take a gander at my posts. if you're interested in talking to me (probably not), take it to whoami. or you could just leave and read better blogs than mine.

if you do want to stay, but can't be looking at my blog all the time (it's the best bit though..), you could subscribe to my RSS feed with a reader like Thunderbird (hey, you have a good excuse to try their beta!) or Vivaldi. i'm thinking of this email newsletter thing, but we'll see.

i just realised that i pretty much just made a duplicate of my nav bar

ğŸ—žï¸ newsletter

yes, i have a newsletter now, called Ivy's Garden-In-A-Box! as a subscriber of my wonderful (apply sarcasm) newsletter, you will get: a refresher on posts on this blog for the past week (if any), some more of my thoughts, possibly a notesnook monograph with developing (not as in programming) ideas (which will probably not make any sense whatsoever) and some links i've found interesting. and for now, you will get some of my (but not) prized ai generated images of ivysaur (they look stupid.)

subscribe to Ivy's Garden-In-A-Box here!

(nintendo please don't sue me please you don't even care about ivysaur it's all about charizard ain't it)

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